I am a self-taught handspinner whose craft has turned into a passion and an obsession.  I'm influenced bu just about everything I encounter such as colour, texture, even feelings and these are reflected in the individual names I give my yarns as no two are created equal.

Although most of my yarns have a merino base I like to make a wide range of fleece and fibre.  The fleece comes from a variety of sheep but also alpaca, camel, vicuna and fibres such as corn, crab and soya fibres, bamboo, ramie, silk and angelina to name a few.  There are also inclusions in my yarns like recycled fabrics, beads, buttons, bells, shells and plastic fruit not to mention the odd interesting found object!  I also use a range of techniques in the spinning such as core spinning, Navajo plying, tail spinning, granny stacks, twists, coils and wire core.

As well as all the flamboyant and fanciful yarns I am also building on a collection of "rare breed' art yarns whose fleece I source from within the UK.  I love that these fleece come to me in their raw state and that I get to build a relationship with the farmers and their flock as will as helping to preserve some very wonderful sheep!  These yarns I tend to leave as 'true to sheep' and unprocessed as possible which makes an unconventional natural yarn but keeps the character and characteristics of the fleece.  I use lots of uncarded fleece so some yarns are chunky and lumpy while others are tailspun and fluffy, wispier yarns.